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By August 1, 2017renovations

Renovation Companies Calgary – when you search this term, so many pages come up, you don’t know where to start. Doing any sort of renovation or home improvement is a daunting process, so let Rhymack Homes Ltd. make it easier.

Let’s go!

ONE: The first thing you want to know about any company you do business with is are they licensed? In Calgary, any  renovation company you do business with should hold a city license.

TWO: If they ask for a deposit of any amount, they should also hold a prepaid contractor license (regulated by the Alberta Government). Ask for it! This ensures your deposit is insured. More than one renovation company in Calgary has gone belly up, along with their customer’s hard earned money as ‘deposits’. Don’t let it happen to you!

THREE: If renovating in Calgary, you also want to make sure the renovation company you choose has liability insurance (to protect against any mishap that may occur on or to your property). Ask for proof – any reputable company will provide a letter from their insurance company.

FOUR: Any renovating company should also be in good standing with WCB (Workers Compensation Board of Alberta). This will speak to their commitment to being safe on your jobsite.

FIVE: Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau? Being a member is a good sign of a conscientious business owner – that’s someone you want to do business with. Look for this logo:


Rhymack Homes Ltd. can proudly say we have all of the above, and we are more than happy to provide a free estimate on your next project. Let today be the last day you search the term “renovation companies calgary”!


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