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We know not all Builders are equal, some like the work...we love the Project.


From Concept to Creation.


Home Renovation

Renovations are who we are – Rhymack has been Renovating Homes in Calgary, since the very beginning of our business. The real truth about Home Renovations: it is truly custom work…each and every time. Starting out in the Home Renovation business in Calgary as finish carpenters, we understand the importance of precision. Custom means detailed precision work. Only precise new construction will integrate seamlessly with old construction to give the feel that the new space has always been there. We have all seen the DIY approach on TV shows and magazines; usually the first thing we notice are those things do not visually line up, never mind the quality issues.

Many Calgary Contractors look at Renovation work like new construction; we know there are too many unforeseen issues to approach it that way.  This is a common symptom with Calgary Home Renovation Contractors, and is part of the reason the Calgary Renovation Industry gets a lot of bad publicity.  Too often Calgary Home Builders use the Home Renovation Industry as a means to create new business when the New Home industry in Calgary is suffering.  Even the most skilled builders cannot apply their building processes from new construction to renovation, they fail every time they try to do so.

A successful home renovation always starts with a proper investigation.  We do this three times before we even swing a hammer.

First, In your Home Makeover

We will visit you on site and discuss your plans and budget.  We will always set the tone on what things really cost right away, so big makeover plans are not made, that later prove to be unaffordable. Second, we will present to you a detailed proposal that breaks down the budget and schedule in specific areas. What your project costs look like, based on our assessment and the space itself.  At the same time we will identify unknown areas and contingencies, therefore NO SURPRISES. We can then discuss what can be added or deleted to the project based on your budget.

Third, we will host a trade day to have all the necessary trades and suppliers attend and investigate the site to ask questions, and to then prepare a detailed quote. This is where we create the official budget and schedule. You are never upside down with payments when you renovate with Rhymack. We are one of the very few Renovation Companies in Calgary that collect payments based on completed work.

Our Company incorporates a 24/7 Online Builder Portal as part of the Rhymack Process.  This Online Builder Portal allows you unlimited access to every aspect of your home makeover or renovation project. Whether you are in Calgary or not! At home or not! You can see every aspect of the renovation job from emails, drawings, photos, material selections, completion dates, contacts, schedules, budgets and payments.  We know we are one of the best Renovation Companies in Calgary.