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Millwork in Calgary

Calgary’s Custom Millwork, Trims, Paneling and Custom Built Ins are some of the architectural features that give your home a unique feel and artistic quality that speaks about you and your style.  Decks, fences and landscaping add an integral part of the building’s appearance and curb appeal.  Remember, you only get one chance at a first impression!  In commercial construction this is a vital; in residential it sets the tone of who you are, as well as your street and your neighbourhood. And ultimately, adds property value, especially in Calgary.

Rhymack knows this, because it is the type of work that is the foundation of who we are as a company today.  The owners started out as finish carpenters, and they know what precision, quality craftsmanship looks like, and how important it is in construction – particularly Millwork.


Built Ins also provide lots of storage that conventional builders usually ignore.  They do this mostly due to lack of time, and skill, to provide those precise measurements and finishes to make it look fully integrated and planned.  This is what Rhymack does best.  We are finish carpenters and that is how we approach every piece of finish work on our projects. At Rhymack, we encourage custom design using built ins and trims, in both a renovation or a new build project.

We feel Decks and Fences are not part of the yard – they are part of the home!  Therefore, we build decks to be lasting and beautiful.  To be exact, we plan and build decks that accent the architecture of the home while allowing access to the yard or garden.  Often, landscapers look at decks in relationship to the outdoor space.  Rhymack looks at decks and fences as an architectural structure that enhances the look, feel, access and security of the building and property.