The details are not just the details, they are the design.


Make lasting choices


Focus on your style.


Interior Design Calgary

Interior Design is the Keystone to any successful construction project. 

First of all, Rhymack knows this, and so do their preferred Interior Designers in Calgary.  We know which Interior Designers are unique and create the most amazing Kitchens, Bathrooms, Additions, Media Rooms or Man Caves.  In Addition, we have the knowledge on which Interior Designers upcycle, think globally, or just love comfort!  An Interior Designer will always SAVE YOU MONEY!  Why? Simple. There are at least twenty three selections to renovate a Bath Room! Think how many in a kitchen? Most of all, the colours and finishes around the selections.

Theoretically, if you look for one to two things each day, it will take you about twelve days. Imagine, TWELVE days!  Or two and a half business weeks (of YOUR free time).  Not only time, but research, is required to select these items. Therefore, you will have to sift through picture upon picture, look at warranties, supplier information, budgets, all while hoping you get it right in terms of scale, finish and install. Then, when you are all done, you will have to order, manage shipping and timing, receive it, and coordinate getting the items to site on schedule!

Simply put, a Calgary Interior Designer knows.

They know what works, they know what is quality, and they know what is lasting.  An Interior Design Contractor knows your style by meeting with you and discussing what you like, and more importantly, what you DON’T like!  Since they know the construction, and know when and where, and most importantly, how much to spend.

Yes, it’s true: you do not have to be a wealthy industrialist to benefit from a few hours with an Interior Designer in Calgary. They will free up your valuable time, and allow you to focus your energy on living through all of the construction process, while you are likely working (in or outside of the home)! In conclusion, there will be plenty of decisions for you to make with your contractor every day, on top of all those selections happening!  And, if you still don’t believe us about the Bathroom Selections…

Bathroom Selections

  1. Paint
  2. Trims/Casing & Crown
  3. Trims/Baseboard
  4. Tile/Flooring
  5. Grout Colour
  6. Tub
  7. Tub/Tile Backsplash or Surround
  8. Shower Head, Control and Drain
  9. Soap Dish, Bars or Handles in Tub/Shower
  10. Glass Shower Surround/Hardware
  11. Shower Rod
  12. Toilet
  13. Vanity
  14. Tile/Backsplash
  15. Grout Colour
  16. Counters
  17. Vanity Handles/Hardware
  18. Vanity Sink
  19. Vanity Faucet
  20. Towel Bars
  21. Lighting
  22. Mirror/Medicine Cabinet
  23. Exhaust Fan