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Custom Homes Calgary

Custom Homes are Dreams and Ideas culminating in the ultimate expression of a unique man-made creation: your home.  Home is really the place where your interests, family, and friends come together; where you want to express your tastes, desires and comforts.   This is the dream that captures our imagination in building something new, and uniquely our own, like a rugged Timberframe with stone fireplaces on a mountain side, or a sleek modern glass box with a killer down town view.

The other dream: being on time, on budget, with minimal issues.  This part of the dream is ultimately what determines the success or failure of your project.  This will be in the control of who you choose to build with.  Rhymack is your builder, we represent you, therefore you are always in control.  We represent you, your ideas, your budget and your questions to get the best quality available.  We offer you a ‘Built by the  Builder’ product.  We are always working on site, and we report directly to you, the home owner.

Custom Homes are really just a bunch of plans: Plan, Plans & Planning.

The Plan: where are you building, what do you want to build, and what is your schedule and budget to complete the plan?

The Plans: show every detail of the project from Architecture and Design to Engineering to Finishes; the best plans answer all of the planning questions.  These questions are speaking to what are we building, what goes where and how, then finally who is supplying, installing or executing.


The Planning: breaks down all of these schedules, selections, designs, drawings and permits to one cohesive construction schedule everyone can understand, all while adhering to the budget and completion date.

Our Custom Homes are planned in Stages, with you the homeowner, your Interior Designer(I.D.), and your Rhymack Project Manager.  Finishes are executed by you and your Interior Designer, (sorry, no choice in the matter about an I.D., read about our philosophy about Interior Design on our Web Site for a brief explanation). All of our Custom Home Projects include an Interior Design budget .

Upside Down, Inside Out, or Backwards

During your Custom Home project you are never upside down.  Payments are based on completed milestones as per the outlined budget and schedule in your signed contract.

We are always available to you at any time; all information about your project is updated daily through our Builder Portal.  You can see every aspect of the job inside out, from emails, drawings, photos, material selections, completion dates, contacts,  schedules, budgets and payments – 24/7!

We never look back, always forward, as quickly as possible – this is key in a successful project.

Momentum: it is truly the key to Rhymack’s  success!