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Commercial Construction

Rhymack knows Commercial spaces are meant to cultivate a business to be productive every day, whether that is your local optometrist, coffee shop, or beauty salon.  As consumers, we always appreciate a well designed, comfortable, ergonomic space that speaks to the business we are using.  It creates confidence and satisfaction, as well as sometime branding that business to be easily identified.

We understand the importance of an efficient Commercial Plan, and more importantly schedule!  Time really is money!  We want your business to reflect your style, your needs, your ideas, and your clients!  We know that careful planning is required in this process.  The process is quite simply the same as a Custom Home, but with an outcome – more than living in it – producing from it.  We use the same principals in every project we do: Plan, Plans and Planning. Now let’s apply these ideas to a Commercial Space.

  • The Plan will show us the space we are using to produce a business. We will note the needs to key areas of that business to execute the best plan: i.e. built ins and counters are pretty important in an ice cream or coffee shop, plumbing is a really big part of a dental office or hair salon, while lighting is a really big deal in a clothing or paint store.
  • Detail, detail, detail – this is where every square inch matters! You are probably paying by the foot for your commercial space, so Rhymack wants every square foot, or even inch, to matter.  The more products that can be displayed in a shop makes the shop look better, every extra table you can squeeze on a balcony adds to your summer revenue, and every extra office allows for more staff to see more people in a day!
  • TIME! Everyone that is developing a business space wants the same thing – to be open for business as soon as possible!  This is all in the planning.  Once we have an overall plan that produced some plans, we can start the planning.  The planning will be a detailed set of plans, specifications and a schedule showing where, when, and how.  This will be enhanced by working alongside a Rhymack preferred Interior Designer to quickly execute the designs, selections, and finishes.  We then expedite the permits and schedules to complete construction, and get you open for business, making money as quickly as possible!