Update to previous blog post: Calgary Home Renovations – are you paying twice?

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Everyone, including Rhymack Homes Ltd., loves a happy ending. We previously blogged about Calgary home renovations gone wrong. A client had hired a disreputable ‘contractor’ from a well known classified ad website. In the owners own words, he managed to do more damage in 6 hours than there was when he arrived! This was not a huge job, but we treat all of our projects with the same care and attention, regardless of size. We thought it would be good to show a few of the before and after photos.

A picture says a thousand words

On the left, the ‘before’ picture indicates the state the previous contractor left the counter top in, and considered it finished. On the right, our fix.

img_0417   img_0451


This next set shows the job that was done on the lino in their entryway, and again, considered ‘finished’ by the previous contractor. What you cannot see is that he actually SCREWED lino down in places – not kidding.

img_0428   img_0427


And here is an ‘after’ photo:



One more set of pictures, a lovely shelf that was previously installed – in case you are wondering, yes, the shelf is installed upside down! Our repair to that situation is on the right. Sometimes a basket is just the right solution to your storage problems!

img_0426    img_0450


There were many other small repairs throughout the house. In the end, the client is very happy with the work we did(read her google review here).  She has gone on to recommend us to numerous others in the market for renovations. At the end of the day, we all know that word of mouth is the best advertising you can buy. We were happy to help out and make it right! As professionals in Calgary home renovations, we have standards to uphold. Give us a call if you are looking to renovate any time soon!

Calgary Home Renovations – are you paying twice?

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It’s Friday, October 6th, and we just got off the phone with a distraught homeowner. She did what so many others have done – turned to a popular classified ad site to find some trades people for her Calgary home renovations, hoping to save some money. It sounds like she did everything right. She vetted them out, asked to see business licenses and insurance papers, etc. In fact, we cannot say she did anything wrong – but the person she hired did. Hence the phone call to our office.

Can you fix his mistakes?

Whether you are looking for Calgary home renovations, or any other location, it will always be tempting to ‘do it yourself’. You want to act as your own general contractor, and keep some of your hard earned money in your pocket. We get it. We all want to save money. Unfortunately, it will not always save you money. In fact, in the end, it will often end up costing you more than it would have if you had gone with a reputable company in the first place. Now, not only is this customer out the time and money wasted on this less than stellar contractor, but she will now have to pay extra to have those mistakes undone, then fixed right.

What kind of things did this contractor do? He screwed in baseboards, screwed down linoleum, and painted over plaster that wasn’t yet sanded. Why? Because clearly he is not a professional.

What is your definition of professional?

“Professional” has more than one definition. We like to think of professionals as people who have a reputation to uphold. A company with a brand, a physical location, and something to lose if they do not live up to their promises. Anybody can hang a shingle on a classified ad site. They can say they are qualified to do this or that, but what have they got to lose if they do not do a good job? They can come back the next day with a different name and post a new ad, and no one is any wiser. But a business with an office, with employees to pay, with a name and reputation to uphold? That is someone you want to do business with. Because a business like that has a vested interest in doing a good job, everyday. Their reputation is everything, and it is in their best interest to do it right.


Calgary Kitchen Renovation

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Calgary Kitchen Renovation – you would not believe how many times those three words are searched on google! Apparently, there are many Calgarians dissatisfied with their kitchens! Often, the difference between “should I stay or should I go”, is the kitchen, because the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you are not loving your kitchen, chances are you are not loving your home. Rather than move, why not renovate? Let Rhymack Homes Ltd. give you the kitchen of your dreams! With a little planning, let us turn your ‘blah‘ into ‘ta da‘!


Considerations for a Calgary kitchen renovation:

  • What is the look or theme you are trying to achieve? Either modern, cottage charm, contemporary, French country, or something else?
  • Are you happy with the current size and layout?
  • Do you have enough counter space and storage, or do you need to expand?
  • What colour and species of cabinets are you leaning towards?
  • What door style do you like? Recessed panel, raised panel, slab panel? Here are examples of each, in the same order: cabinet-styles_ressessed-panel_essence-5pc-maple-bistro  cabinet-styles_raised-panel_astoria-maple-bistro-mocha cabinet-styles_slab-panel_bombay_h-slab-african-mahogany-dusk
  • What kind of countertops do you want? Quartz, granite, laminate?
  • Do you want an island? Do you currently have one?
  • Are you going to incorporate a breakfast bar? How many seats?
  • What lighting fixtures will you go with?
  • Have you thought about faucet and sink choices? What finish?
  • And what about flooring? Tile, hardwood, laminate?

A Calgary kitchen renovation is no different from a Toronto kitchen renovation or Vancouver kitchen renovation – a renovation is a renovation, and Rhymack Homes Ltd. has the experience to get yours done. We have all watched the HGTV renovation makeovers, and we want to help you experience your very own kitchen makeover, from start to finish. Print this page, answer the questions, take some ‘before’ pictures, and let’s get started! We will help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Luxury Home Renovations Calgary

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Luxury Home Renovations Calgary – this is a commonly searched topic on Google these days!

What exactly is a luxury home renovation? What constitutes luxury? Clearly, it is subjective. What seems like luxury to one person is another person’s bare minimum. It can be the difference between one client using quartz to upgrade their existing laminate counter, while the next client insists on using caesarstone®. And for the next client after that, nothing but Patagonia granite will do.

Luxury is subjective, and also comes with a price. What is your price point for your luxury home renovation? What is your goal? If you are staying and living in your home for a number of years to come, then we definitely recommend doing exactly what you want, at a price point you are comfortable with. If you are renovating to sell, you may not want to go all out, and this is probably not the scenario where you do a luxury home renovation.

Luxury – it’s the little things!

You will be surprised how small renovations or additions to your home can make it feel luxurious. Take, for example, the typical built in tub with surround – it can be dated and tired looking in no time. Now imagine taking that out, and install a stand up shower, tiled floor to ceiling, with a beautiful hinged glass door, and a lovely teak shower bench. You will turn your ordinary, boring bathroom into something luxurious. Add some inset storage shelves(also tiled), a rain head and steam shower options, and you are now spa level!

How about your kitchen? Tired of that old laminate? Ready to freshen things up? You will be surprised how affordable quartz is. If you are not fussy about brand names, you can achieve the same look for a fraction of the price, in a wide variety of colours and styles. These may not be the best examples, but below are two pictures – one is a brand name quartz, the other is not… For all intents and purposes, if you were not told, you would not know which was which.


Luxury Home Renovations Calgary are not just for the elite! Let Rhymack Homes Ltd. help you achieve your idea of luxury, within your budget. Contact us today for an estimate on your next renovation project.


Renovation Companies Calgary

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Renovation Companies Calgary – when you search this term, so many pages come up, you don’t know where to start. Doing any sort of renovation or home improvement is a daunting process, so let Rhymack Homes Ltd. make it easier.

Let’s go!

ONE: The first thing you want to know about any company you do business with is are they licensed? In Calgary, any  renovation company you do business with should hold a city license.

TWO: If they ask for a deposit of any amount, they should also hold a prepaid contractor license (regulated by the Alberta Government). Ask for it! This ensures your deposit is insured. More than one renovation company in Calgary has gone belly up, along with their customer’s hard earned money as ‘deposits’. Don’t let it happen to you!

THREE: If renovating in Calgary, you also want to make sure the renovation company you choose has liability insurance (to protect against any mishap that may occur on or to your property). Ask for proof – any reputable company will provide a letter from their insurance company.

FOUR: Any renovating company should also be in good standing with WCB (Workers Compensation Board of Alberta). This will speak to their commitment to being safe on your jobsite.

FIVE: Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau? Being a member is a good sign of a conscientious business owner – that’s someone you want to do business with. Look for this logo:


Rhymack Homes Ltd. can proudly say we have all of the above, and we are more than happy to provide a free estimate on your next project. Let today be the last day you search the term “renovation companies calgary”!