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October 2017

Calgary Home Renovations – are you paying twice?

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It’s Friday, October 6th, and we just got off the phone with a distraught homeowner. She did what so many others have done – turned to a popular classified ad site to find some trades people for her Calgary home renovations, hoping to save some money. It sounds like she did everything right. She vetted them out, asked to see business licenses and insurance papers, etc. In fact, we cannot say she did anything wrong – but the person she hired did. Hence the phone call to our office.

Can you fix his mistakes?

Whether you are looking for Calgary home renovations, or any other location, it will always be tempting to ‘do it yourself’. You want to act as your own general contractor, and keep some of your hard earned money in your pocket. We get it. We all want to save money. Unfortunately, it will not always save you money. In fact, in the end, it will often end up costing you more than it would have if you had gone with a reputable company in the first place. Now, not only is this customer out the time and money wasted on this less than stellar contractor, but she will now have to pay extra to have those mistakes undone, then fixed right.

What kind of things did this contractor do? He screwed in baseboards, screwed down linoleum, and painted over plaster that wasn’t yet sanded. Why? Because clearly he is not a professional.

What is your definition of professional?

“Professional” has more than one definition. We like to think of professionals as people who have a reputation to uphold. A company with a brand, a physical location, and something to lose if they do not live up to their promises. Anybody can hang a shingle on a classified ad site. They can say they are qualified to do this or that, but what have they got to lose if they do not do a good job? They can come back the next day with a different name and post a new ad, and no one is any wiser. But a business with an office, with employees to pay, with a name and reputation to uphold? That is someone you want to do business with. Because a business like that has a vested interest in doing a good job, everyday. Their reputation is everything, and it is in their best interest to do it right.