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September 2017

Calgary Kitchen Renovation

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Calgary Kitchen Renovation – you would not believe how many times those three words are searched on google! Apparently, there are many Calgarians dissatisfied with their kitchens! Often, the difference between “should I stay or should I go”, is the kitchen, because the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you are not loving your kitchen, chances are you are not loving your home. Rather than move, why not renovate? Let Rhymack Homes Ltd. give you the kitchen of your dreams! With a little planning, let us turn your ‘blah‘ into ‘ta da‘!


Considerations for a Calgary kitchen renovation:

  • What is the look or theme you are trying to achieve? Either modern, cottage charm, contemporary, French country, or something else?
  • Are you happy with the current size and layout?
  • Do you have enough counter space and storage, or do you need to expand?
  • What colour and species of cabinets are you leaning towards?
  • What door style do you like? Recessed panel, raised panel, slab panel? Here are examples of each, in the same order: cabinet-styles_ressessed-panel_essence-5pc-maple-bistro  cabinet-styles_raised-panel_astoria-maple-bistro-mocha cabinet-styles_slab-panel_bombay_h-slab-african-mahogany-dusk
  • What kind of countertops do you want? Quartz, granite, laminate?
  • Do you want an island? Do you currently have one?
  • Are you going to incorporate a breakfast bar? How many seats?
  • What lighting fixtures will you go with?
  • Have you thought about faucet and sink choices? What finish?
  • And what about flooring? Tile, hardwood, laminate?

A Calgary kitchen renovation is no different from a Toronto kitchen renovation or Vancouver kitchen renovation – a renovation is a renovation, and Rhymack Homes Ltd. has the experience to get yours done. We have all watched the HGTV renovation makeovers, and we want to help you experience your very own kitchen makeover, from start to finish. Print this page, answer the questions, take some ‘before’ pictures, and let’s get started! We will help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.